Silicone false vagina prosthesis high waist - Fake Vagina

Silicone false vagina prosthesis high waist

Discover the metamorphosis with the high-waisted silicone false vagina prosthesis, an innovation for immediate, realistic feminization.

With its elegant design, it reshapes your silhouette by slimming the hips and simulating a 16 cm vagina for an authentically feminine appearance.


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Embrace your femininity with the High-Waisted Silicone Fake Vagina Prosthesis

Reveal your feminine essence with the High Waisted Silicone Fake Vagina Prosthesis, a must-have for any transvestite seeking an authentic and comfortable body transformation.

Five reasons to choose this false vagina prosthesis

  • Perfect silhouette: creates an attractive, feminine figure.
  • Unique adaptability: Features a penis pocket for discreet erection prevention.
  • Superior quality: Made from realistic silicone for an authentic experience.
  • Innovative design: Includes a high-waisted corset to refine the waist.
  • Specialized design: Created specifically for the needs of transvestites.

Material and fit 

  • High-quality silicone: Soft and resistant for everyday wear.
  • High-waist cut: Corset style for a slimmer waist.

A revolution for the transvestite community

Perfect for individuals in transition or for those looking to experiment with their feminine appearance.

Care instructions 

Hand wash: Use a mild soap or specific toy cleaner for impeccable cleanliness. Use of Talc: Facilitates threading and preserves the material.

Product benefits 

  • Freedom of movement: Comfortable even with prolonged use.
  • Meticulous aesthetics: Intimate lips detailed for accumulated realism.

Opinion of Valentine, cross-dressing expert

Valentine, our expert, emphasizes the comfort and practicality of the prosthesis, making it indispensable for a successful cross-dressing experience.

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