Fake vagina Marie - Fake Vagina

Fake vagina Marie

Finally some good news for transgender people, cross-dressers or drag queens with the Marie Fake Vagina. This revolutionary new silicone prosthesis fits only where you need it to give the illusion of a real female sex. Comfortable, flexible and tear resistant and you can adjust it.



Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Made of silicone, non-toxic.
  • Covers only the necessary parts.
  • Flexible.
  • Tear resistant.
  • Can be adjusted.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert


 No more girdles that go up to the waist! Say hello to your new second skin. Made from durable Lycra silicone entirely by hand, the Marie fake vagina has all the makings of the real thing. You'll also love the soft, narrow, caressable lips.

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There are other advantages to the fake Marie vagina, including the ability to pee like a real Lady! The integrated semen and urine drain allows you to urinate in a sitting position. You'll love it. But what we love most is the system specially developed by Phalluflex that transforms your penis into a clitoris and allows you to experience totally new and erotic ways. You will finally be able to experience the feeling of "vaginal" penetration or feel the exciting tingling of a vibrator inside you. In short, this is as close as you can get to feeling like a woman.

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