Attractive false eyelashes for transvestites - False eyelashes

Attractive false eyelashes for transvestites

False eyelashes, like make-up for transvestites, are indispensable accessories for transforming the male face. Long eyelashes not only make the wearer\'s eyes look bigger, they also draw the eye to you.

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Significantly increases the intensity of the look
  • False eyelashes very practical to apply
  • Creates a glamorous and very feminine look
  • Can be applied to all types of eyelids
  • Produce a deliciously naughty effect


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Beautiful eyes enhanced by false eyelashes attract attention and sharpen the gaze. In cross-dressing, nothing should be left to chance. The make-up must be accentuated, the eyes must be coloured and perfect, the hands highlighted by beautiful nails...


Learn more about attractive false eyelashes

  • Advice for use: to apply false eyelashes for transvestites, it is necessary to apply make-up beforehand.
  • Our tip: draw a line with eyeliner and a little eye shadow, apply the glue to the false lashes and put the false lashes on. They will last all day.
  • Maintenance: remember to put them back in their plastic holder every night to use them again the next day.
  • Complementary products: fake nails, full make-up palette, wig
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