Charming false eyelashes for transvestites - False eyelashes

Charming false eyelashes for transvestites

Imagine yourself at the heart of the party with eyelashes so long that you'll love to flutter them at every moment. With the Charmeur false eyelashes for transvestites, your eyes are like those of a deer, caressing and bewitching at the same time. You are like a glamorous woman who will seduce everyone in her path. Unforgettable! You are the incarnation of femininity and your charm is all the more ravaging...

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Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Black colour.
  • Longer on the outside for a doe-eyed look.
  • Lengthens the corner of the eye.
  • Give you a little naughty eye.
  • Can be easily combined with all your looks.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Apply specific glue on the back of your hand, take a small stick to spread the glue and apply it on the edge of the false lashes. Take a pair of tweezers and place the false lashes on top of your real lashes, starting at the inner corner of the eye. Press lightly on the base of the false lashes to optimize the bonding. To make the real lashes look like one with the false lashes, apply mascara with emphasis on the base of the lashes and/or eyeliner.


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To remove your false lashes, hold the inner corner of the false lashes with your finger and gently remove them from the outer corner. You can clean the false lashes with water.

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