Organic Fenugreek (120 capsules) Breast volume - Fenugreek

Organic Fenugreek (120 capsules) Breast volume

Fenugreek is the most active plant in the development of the male breast. Containing female hormones, it will increase your transvestite breasts naturally over the months.



Convinced in 5 points 

  • n°1 plant for breast volume
  • Acts on men 
  • Capsules from organic farming
  • Can complement a complex breast volume
  • Contains ptyto-oestrogens


Valentine’s advice, our transvestite expert

Do we still need to introduce Fenugreek to you? This plant which is well known for its digestion benefits is also of interest for its virtues on the development of men’s breasts. It contains phyto-oestogen (female hormones), which make your mammary gland work to develop your breasts naturally.


Find out more about Fenugreek Bio (120 capsules) 

The Fenugreek in these capsules comes from organic farming in France or Canada. You can take it on its own to develop your breast, up to 6 capsules per day in between meals. Or use it as a complement to a breast volume treatment to accelerate the effects, within the limit of 3 capsules per day. A 3-month cure is recommended for optimal results!


Fenugreek* - Trigonella foenumgraecum (soy, gluten, mustard), Envelope of vegetable origin (HPMC), Rice* flour


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