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Eco Fenugreek Pack (capsules + oil)

Rigazo's Eco Fenugreek Pack is the natural solution for sculpting a feminine figure. By combining Fenugreek oil and capsules, this pack encourages the development of curves wherever you want them: breasts, hips and buttocks are rounded out for enhanced femininity.

Ideal for cross-dressing, this pack also contributes to healthy hair. Use it as a treatment for a visible, long-lasting transformation.



Reveal your femininity with the Eco Fenugreek Pack

The Eco Fenugreek Pack is the perfect blend of nature and science for those seeking harmonious feminization of the body. These products, combining capsules and oil, are specially designed to accentuate feminine curves naturally.

Five reasons to choose the Eco Fenugreek Pack

  • Fenugreek feminine silhouette: get a reshaped silhouette thanks to the targeted action of fenugreek.
  • Natural breast hormones: phytoestrogens promote natural breast enlargement.
  • Body feminization: each dose is a step towards a gentle, natural transformation.
  • Enhanced feminine curves: redefined curves for renewed confidence.
  • Transvestite beauty care: discreet, effective solutions for the transvestite community.

Distinctive benefits of the Eco Fenugreek Pack

  • Curve enhancement: a formula that works on elasticity and volume.
  • Breast toning massage: the oil is ideal for a massage that stimulates growth.

Who's it for? 

This pack is for those looking to develop a transvestite chest or simply to grow breasts naturally.

Instructions for use

Combine the pack with breast pumps to maximize the effect. Incorporate the pack into a routine that includes breast volume pills and breast volume creams.

Multiple benefits of the Pack

  • Hair reduction: a welcome side-effect for smoother skin.
  • Development of natural curves: a global approach for a more feminine body.

We tested the Eco Fenugreek Pack for you

Our test of the Fenugreek Pack revealed visible improvements in just a few weeks. For more possibilities for breast enlargement, you can turn to the following products: the Fenugreek Pack (oil and capsules), natural Fenugreek oil (100ml) and cold-pressed Fenugreek oil (100ml).

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