Thong gaff chair transvestite - Gaff lingerie

Thong gaff chair transvestite

To camouflage your sex bump and reveal a beautiful feminine slit, the gaff thong is ideal. This specialised underwear for transvestites slips discreetly under all your clothes thanks to its flesh colour and simulates a female sex.


Convinced... in 5 points!


- Crotch with a nice slit

- Wear tight clothes at last

- Very comfortable sex cover

- Simulates a fleshy female vulva

- Camouflaged penis, big lips of the woman represented!



 Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert


This skin coloured gaff is perfect for your feminisation (use our skin adhesive for the best effect).

This gaff thong will cover your attributes thanks to the width of the model on the front.

This integrated "camel toe" thong is designed for transvestites to keep their male attributes well hidden by giving a flat front with a female vulva shape.

Finally, wear trousers with a crotch that fits the shape of your new lips! You can also wear ultra tight skirts without seeing that awkward bump.

Designed to be feminine, this gaff thong is extremely comfortable and will help you feel like a woman.


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