Large lace and wetlook suspender belt - Garter belt

Large lace and wetlook suspender belt

The large lace and wetlook suspender belt is adjustable and adapts perfectly to your shape. The garter belt comes in several sizes so you can find the one that suits you best. With the included thong and the beautiful black lace on the front you can cross-dress in a sexy and feminine way while remaining at the top of the glamour.
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  • Black lace and wetlook.
  • Suspender belt and thong included.
  • Adjustable.
  • Sex appeal and eroticism.
  • Several sizes available.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

Wetlook is a fine material, very soft on the skin and to the eye, you want to touch it all the time. Your women's lingerie for men is neither matt nor shiny, it is just perfect to show you off in all your forms. With the large size lace and wetlook garter belt, you are sure to seduce your partner with a set of legs worthy of Sharon Stone. Its black lace and thin front, full and opaque sides offer you an ultra sexy look while refining your silhouette. And with the included thong, you don't have to think twice about matching it.

More about the lace and wetlook suspender belt

In a wet-effect garter belt lingerie set like the large size lace and wetlook garter belt, you can combine it with wetlook stockings or leggings, which are stockings without feet, to wear your favourite high-heeled pumps! The wetlook effect flatters all silhouettes. It brings the finish of leather without taking too much light so as not to highlight all the volumes, while keeping the pleasure of detailing all the shapes of the silhouette, while lengthening it! At Rigazo, we love it.

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