Red Fantasy suspender belt - Garter belt

Red Fantasy suspender belt

The red Fantasy garter belt with its 100% natural rubber composition will accentuate the figure while hiding the male hips. Its glamorous and erotic red colour will make you absolutely sexy. This seamless underwear will slip under your clothes for the greatest pleasure of your partner.

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  • Seamless.
  • Ultra resistant.
  • Medically tested.
  • 100% natural rubber.
  •  Incendiary red.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

If you like a fierce look, you'll love the red Fantasy suspender belt. Made of 100% natural rubber, it is totally opaque. Perfect when you want to hide unsightly hair or too masculine hips. And that red... It's enough to raise the temperature in the room. The best thing about this type of garter belt is that it is seamless, very resistant and has been medically tested to avoid any risk of allergy or other inconveniences. With this total wet look, you can wear them with a dress, a miniskirt, or ... just your panties and stockings. Beware, sexy attitude in sight!

More about the Red Fantasy suspender belt

Rigazo likes to offer more and more feminine lingerie for men. Especially when it allows you to make your figure more glamorous, more erotic and to refine the curves that are a little too masculine. Successful cross-dressing means making the right choice of women's clothing and fine lingerie, as with this red Fantasy suspender belt, phthalate-free and BGA/FDA approved!

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