Luiza mittens - Gloves and boas

Luiza mittens

The Luiza mid-length mittens are beautiful. The delicate lace decoration gives a majestic effect when worn. The unique design allows them to be worn with grace. They cover the back of the hand, leaving the palm free to feel the softness of the caress.


Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Chic and sensual lace mitt
  • Suitable for men who want to be sexy
  • Complements very well an erotic outfit (babydoll)
  • Rich and delicate finish in floral patterns
  • Features a finger loop and a serrated edge


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

The Luiza mittens fit the width of a man\'s hands to cover them without tightening. The soft knit fabric produces a transparent effect that is very pleasant to the touch and to the eye. They are ideal to wear with a sexy outfit.


More about Luiza mittens

  • Tip: slip the mittens onto your wrists and slide the ring onto your middle finger
  • Our tip: you can complement the mittens with a black shirt with straps
  • Care: hand wash with pre-soak
  • Complementary products : complete sexy outfit (or not)
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