Depilatory cream for the body - Hair removal

Depilatory cream for the body

With the depilatory cream solution for the body, get rid of hairs without any constraints. It is easy to use and allows hair removal without the risk of cuts. You will have a smooth and hydrated skin thanks to the soothing ingredients present for a perfect effect.


Convaincue… en 5 points !

  • Ideal for the whole body 
  • Moisturises the skin 
  • No risk of cuts 
  • Long lasting 
  • Less ingrown hairs


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing :

I don\'t like to shave because of ingrown hairs, so I finally found a simple and painless solution to have perfectly smooth skin. With this depilatory cream I no longer have problems with cuts and my depilations last much longer...


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Please note: the time needed for the product to be effective is different for different parts of the body. Thin hair will need less time than thicker hair (in your groin for example). 

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