Depilatory wax cartridge - Hair removal

Depilatory wax cartridge

How do you wax when you're a transvestite? You will finally get rid of your hair in an instant when you become a woman! Fat-soluble depilatory wax based on natural resins is used lukewarm at a temperature between 37° and 39°C.



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  • 100ml wax cartridge.
  • Wide application head for the body.
  • Warm disposable wax.
  • Ideal for cross-dressing depilation.
  • Warm disposable wax.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Remember to turn on your wax heater. This method of hair removal is faster and lighter than traditional wax when you want a quick feminisation. Using a cartridge, the wax is applied directly to the area to be depilated and can be removed immediately with a strip.


Learn more about the Depilatory Wax Cartridge

It is recommended to have at least two roll-on wax heaters, so that when one cartridge is finished, the other is warm and ready to use to continue the depilation session. This type of wax tends to be used to depilate larger areas of the body, such as the legs or arms, as the strips are easier to use and cover larger areas in a single pass.


Description (and composition)

- Capacity : 100 ml

- Composition : glyceryl rosinate, paraffinum liquidum, cera alba, hydrogenated microcrystalline wax.

- Dimensions : H - 11cm ; W - 2 cm ; L - 5 cm

- Brand : Peggy Sage

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  • Jean_luc
    Published Feb 18, 2020 at 04:28 pm

    this wax suits me well for my skin it is very soft afterwards it is pleasant when you caress so I do it as soon as it grows back. (Translated review)

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