Pjur « Analyse me » anal spray (20 ml) - Lube

Pjur « Analyse me » anal spray (20 ml)



Convinced... in 4 points!


  • Reduces the sensitivity of the anal area
  • Reduces pain at the beginning of anal penetration
  • Increases the sexual pleasure of two partners
  • Non-greasy formula that does not run


Pjur “analyse me” anal spray is a product that relaxes the anal area. It does not act as a lubricant but rather as a desensitizing agent. 



Description (and composition)

- Capacity : 20 ml
- Packaging : spray bottle
- Ingredients : Ethanol, propylene glycol, lauromacrogol (polyoxyethers of lauryl alcohol), menthol, aloe vera (extracts of Aloe barbadensis)
- Perfume: neutral
- Characteristic : intimate lubricant
- Brand : Pjur

Traceability :

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