Anal Male Butter (250ml) - Lube

Anal Male Butter (250ml)

Are you a fan of long-distance gliding and long-lasting sodomy? Rigazo, your transgender shop, then offers Male anal butter (250 ml) to make the most of this good time.



Convinced... in 5 points!


  • High lubricating power.
  • Allows longer anal sex.
  • Similar to butter.
  • Thick, does not stain.
  • Vaseline-based.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

The consistency of butter, it has the consistency, thickness and softness of butter. Thanks to its thickness, it does not run, unlike some classic lubricants, and has the advantage of being able to be used in the shower. You get quality lubrication, finally, with this Vaseline-based anal butter.

More about Male anal butter (250 ml)

Male Anal Butter (250 ml) may not contain milk, but it is similar in texture to what you spread on your toast. The difference is that this lube is perfect for strong anal penetration, with large sex toys or for sodomy fans. You can last longer than with a regular gel. You'll be asking for more


Description (and composition)

- Ingredients : Pentrolatum, Octyldodecanol

- Capacity : 250 ml

- Brand : Cobeco

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