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Make-up Remover Sponges

The make-up remover sponge is the kind of accessory you can do without when you\'re in drag and that can go unnoticed. Stuck between the cotton buds and the foundation sponges, it doesn\'t look good and it\'s not glamorous... but it\'s so useful!



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Round shape.
  • Removes all make-up residue
  • Gentle make-up removal.
  • Long term.
  • Respects the skin.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

These make-up removal sponges allow you to gently clean and remove make-up from your face. Their small circular format is particularly suitable for removing eye make-up. Ideal to use with your usual lotion, it can also be used to remove any trace of mask.


Learn more about the make-up remover sponges

For a perfect make-up removal, emulsify your face with a make-up remover and then remove the material with the wet sponges. The sponges will prevent you from rinsing your face with water, which is not recommended and tends to dehydrate your skin. These long-lasting make-up removal sponges can remove all types of make-up. Wash them before and after each make-up removal. After use, rinse your make-up remover sponge well, several times if necessary. Then let it dry in the open air.

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