Eye Liner Brush N ° 1 - Makeup accessories

Eye Liner Brush N ° 1



Convinced ... in 5 points!

  • In hairs of toray.
  • Ultra thin tip.
  • High precision for travesti man.
  • For liquid eyeliner or cream.
  • Professional result.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing:

How to make up the eyes when one is a transvestite man? If you were looking for a high-precision brush to redraw your eyes as you would a professional, bet on the brush Eye Liner N ° 1 during your transformation from man to woman. With its ultra thin tip, you have the opportunity to gently emphasize your eyes or force the line to offer your eyes a real doe eye. If glamor is your creed, this brush will fill you with desire. Usable with a liquid eyeliner or cream, you can wear all the looks during your travestations. Will you be able to do the right thing?


Learn more about the Eye Liner Brush N ° 1

The brush, used by many makeup artists, ensures a perfect rendering but requires a certain fingering. For the application, make sure to be stable for a net result. The simplest method is to first draw your line of eyeliner in kohl pencil and then iron it with a felt pen or a brush. Pull a little on your eyelid so that it is smooth and trace your line from the outside to the inside. If you are hesitant, do not hesitate to proceed line by line.



Description (and composition)

- Composition : poils de toray (nylon)

- Brand: Laukrom

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