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Eyelash curler

The Metal Eyelash Curler is ideal for creating false lashes or intensifying the look of real lashes. It can be used to lengthen and lift them to highlight them. Thanks to its special shape and solid metal construction, this product provides a perfect hold and an intense effect for your eyes.



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  • Made of metal.
  • For false and real lashes.
  • Intensifies the look.
  • Allows you to lengthen your lashes.
  • Enhances your eyes.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

We like this little metal tool. In just a few seconds, it enlarges our eyes and gives our lashes the volume and curve we covet on the models in our women's magazines. That's why Rigazo, your trans shop, offers it here, because it knows it will become a must-have in your beauty kit. To be used before make-up, it works just as well on your real lashes as on your false lashes. You'll finally be able to sculpt your lashes to give yourself a real doll's eye look like we love.

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For best results, change the silicone strips on your eyelash curler regularly (once every six months is best). Tip: simply pull out your hair dryer and apply a little heat to the eyelash curler clamp. The heat will make it easier for the lash to take shape and the result will last longer.


Description (and composition)

Brand: Bys Maquillage

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