Set hogtie - Menottes pour travestis
Set hogtie - Menottes pour travestis
Set hogtie - Menottes pour travestis
Set hogtie - Menottes pour travestis

Set hogtie

The hogtie set allows you to bind your partner's arms and legs during sex. Choose to be submissive or dominant, whatever role you have, your pleasure will be intense. The sensations will be multiplied tenfold, you will discover new positions.


Convinced in 5 points !

  • For making love attached.
  • With hook and loop fasteners
  • 100% polyester
  • Can be used in front or behind.
  • To stimulate the erogenous zones in peace.

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing:

Bondage and fetish lovers, the Hogtie set is for you. With its 4 attachments going in 4 different directions, there are many possibilities to increase your happiness and that of your partner. This is a must-have for your secret drawer. You tie your partner up and he stretches his whole body for more sensation, or he accentuates the holes for deeper penetration. Its 4 hook and loop fasteners made of 100% polyester give you a variety of options for tying up your other half.

Our advice on the Hogtie set

Practical and easy to store or carry, you can finally explore your fantasies. Try the Arc de Triomphe, the Fork, the Star, the Sphinx and many more. Whether it's for you or your loved one, you're opening up your world to seek out stronger sensations. If you like to feel controlled or dominated, you will find your happiness here.

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