Dissolving towels - Vernis à ongles pour travestis

Dissolving towels

Cleaning towels offer a practical and easy solution for manicures. They are composed of 10 napkins without acetone, very soft and designed for natural or natural nails. It is a pocket solution, which allows you to easily and safely remove the layer of nail polish without damaging the manicure.


Convinced… in 5 points:


• 10 dissolving napkins

• acetone-free

• very soft

• for natural or natural nails

• pocket solution


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

These small solvent towels are very practical to put in your bag if you need them, they are easier to use than cotton and ordinary solvent because they do not leave any cotton balls and they are already wet. They remove all traces of varnish on natural nails or on false nails. A pocket solution to remove all types of nails, natural or not, anywhere.

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