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False pink idyllic nails for transvestites

For those who get a little tired of the classic French manicure, you have the possibility to put a touch of color in your fake nails thanks to this Idyllic fake nail kit. The high quality finish with the pink patterns allows to vary the colors a little.


Convinced… in 5 points!


  • Box containing 24 fake nails for transvestites
  • False nails with pink and white patterns (French manicure)
  • Presence of a magnificent silver edging
  • Easy installation in just a few minutes
  • False nails for high quality transvestites


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

The quick and easy installation is not negligible: in less than an hour, you have beautiful false nails, without leaving your home. No need for special equipment, nor to learn a complicated technique. Simply follow the instructions on the manual and live the experience of beautiful hands.

Learn more about idyllic fake nails

  • Advice for use: we recommend that you polish all your natural nails before putting the glue. This step provides a much better grip between the false nail and the natural nail
  • Our tip: with a very small amount of glue, you can glue your nails. Apply the glue to your natural nail. Then press hard on the fake Idyllic nail to avoid the presence of air bubbles. Stay pressed for about 10 seconds
  • Maintenance: you can cut them with round-ended scissors to adjust them if they have been hit
  • Complementary products: false eyelashes, wig, makeup kit, sexy dress for transvestites



  • Capacity: complete kit of 24 pieces and 1 tube of 2 g glue
  • Size: variable
  • Colour: pink and white, silver edging
  • Feature: false nails for transvestites
  • Brand: Peggy Sage
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