Mini square capsule kit - Nails

Mini square capsule kit

No need to run to your manicurist to finally get a professional result and have women's hands during your transformation from man to woman. Now you can get it from the comfort of your couch with the mini square capsule kit. Here is what you need to prepare yourself at home and try on your best outfits to get the femme fatale look you want for the evening.


Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Professional universal caps.
  • Square shape.
  • Easy to glue.
  • 20 capsules including 10 sizes.
  • Glue and white pumice supplied.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Square shaped, you can trim your capsules once they are in place if you wish. And if you miss, don\'t panic, the kit contains other capsules with 10 different sizes to have real women\'s hands. Easy to apply, easy to varnish, easy to maintain, we love these universal professional capsules.


Learn more about the mini square capsule kit

The instructions are provided, which is a handy guide. You can then paint them as you wish. If you like to shine all the way to the tip of your nails, you can add a layer of glitter varnish to any colour nails. For really glittery nails, buy rhinestones to stick on your false nails. You can glue several on each nail, or use just a few for a more subtle sparkle, complementing a polish pattern.

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