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Red heart pendant necklace

The red heart pendant necklace is a very feminine necklace that enhances the personality of the trans and transvestites who wear it.

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  • Padlock lock.
  • Nice heart-shaped padlock.
  • Red colour.
  • Pair of keys included.
  • L: 340mm; W: 17mn

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

The crew neck can be worn in summer over a dress or open-necked garment or in winter over a turtleneck jumper or jacket. It easily hides your Adam's apple while remaining sexy and elegant. We like its red colour and the fact that it closes mischievously with a small heart-shaped padlock on the front. Rigazo offers you the best for your feminine look and make them all crack.


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It is a very sexy and sensual jewel. It is ideal to wear it with hair up in a bun and a pronounced make-up. The choker necklace is a jewel that allows you to refine your femininity and bring a note of absolutely sensual glamour. For the outfit, wear your necklace with a sober colourful outfit and a sexy, short, long, tight cut. With this pretty necklace, you will vamp all those around you.

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  • Gamy
    Published Jan 25, 2019 at 09:12 am

    very pretty and sexy i love the red! (Translated review)

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