Nipple clamps with bells - Pinces à tétons pour travestis

Nipple clamps with bells

The nipple clamps are meant to stimulate your nipples, however depending on the sexual practices you practice, whether SM or classic, the clamps can be attached to other places you wish to stimulate ... It's up to you to decide if you want to use these clamps alone or with a partner, if you want to use them on yourself or on your partner ... You could for example play the role of the dominant who shows his Sissy how to be a good submissive transvestite... The clamps jingle with every movement you make and the cold metal effect will only stimulate your nipples!

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Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Stimulating sensation of metal.
  • Tinkling sound indicating each movement.
  • Stimulates and sensitises the nipples.
  • Cold effect of the metal is exciting.
  • Reveals your BDSM side.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

Ding dong ding dong! It's time to ring the bells at Rigazo! New nipple clamps have arrived and you have to try them out! The nipple clamps with bells are perfect for your BDSM games to see who will be the best submissive to his partner. With the little bells, every move you make is revealed and can earn you a punishment. So you have to obey every command you are given (or vice versa). And even though they are nipple clamps, you can always try them in other, even more intimate places...

Learn more about nipple clamps with bells:

The little extra we like - yes, one more than the bells - is the metal side. The cold side of the metal stimulates the skin at the slightest touch and it's hard not to react. A good challenge during your lovemaking! Unless you want to be spanked... But in any case, the nipple clamps with bells will already give you a strong sensation. These clamps, sometimes called "clothes pegs", are spring-loaded and are often designed to exert maximum pressure. And the more you pull on the chain, the tighter the grip becomes. You can also add small weights.



Brand : Spartacus

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