Black open shoes - Pumps

Black open shoes

Black patent mules are the perfect accessory for any good transvestite. With their shiny black colour and small side buckle, they fit snugly on the foot and can be easily combined with any outfit. The reason why so many people find mules erotic is precisely because the foot itself is a source of sexual impulses.



Convinced... in 5 points!


  • Sizes 42 to 45.
  • Shows confidence and seduction.
  • Refines the figure and shapes the calf.
  • Small adjustable side buckle.
  • Black patent colour.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

The mule dresses and undresses the foot at the same time. For fetishists it is the shoe of the liberated woman. The transgender, transvestite or drag queen who wears mules is glamorous and has a strong sex appeal. Natural, she is not afraid to reveal herself.


More about black patent mules

High heels reflect power and sex appeal. High heels are worn to feminise a walk, to feminise a look. With their pointed toes, you give a massage. Originally, the sharper the toe, the richer the person. Now an authentic fashion statement, the transgender person who adopts them is a go-getter, someone who moves forward. But it is also a refined person.


Description (and composition)


- Size: from 42 to 45

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