Black pumps 10 cm: - Pumps


Convinced ... in 5 points:

  •     Black matte pumps.
  •     Heels of 10 cm.
  •     Pointed tips.
  •     High heels.
  •     Interior in leatherette.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in crossdressing:

These matte black pumps will become your best accessory in your transformation from man to woman. They will refine your beautiful legs while giving you a step as feminine as possible during your disguise. These men's shorts are very elegant and classy with their 10 cm stiletto heels and will bring the final touch to your feminization in the blink of an eye. Do not hesitate and opt for this indispensable femininity that will complete each of your outfits.


Learn more about black pumps 10 cm:

For a successful travesty, it is important to match your accessories to your outfit. For this, we offer these beautiful black pumps that will agree to delight with each of your outfits from the most sensual to the most classic. You can opt for simple jeans or even a beautiful dress for men travesty without asking you about the shoes to put on.

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