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Silicone E breast form

Rigazo's silicone E-cup breastform is the ideal accessory for cross-dressing as a woman. It gives a realistic effect with its bouncy texture and soft touch. Perfect for your outings with friends, it will allow you to display a generous chest with your most beautiful cleavage.



Convinced... in 5 points!


  • High quality silicone breast prosthesis
  • Large breast in size E
  • Round and very realistic appearance
  • Allows you to show off a beautiful, luscious neckline
  • Can be easily used with a transvestite bra


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert


Wearing a fake breast is exhilarating, because in a few minutes, you can become a woman. No surgery, no pain, just the right accessory and a man is transformed into a beautiful woman. These fake breasts are very soft to the touch and supple. They bounce like real ones when you walk or move. They allow you to present a beautiful and naughty cleavage. Thanks to the flesh colour, they look real and delicate. This will delight even the most skeptical of fake breasts.


Learn more about the big round silicone E-breast


Advice for use: slip your fake breasts into the pockets of a bra adapted to your taste and enjoy a superb bouncing breast

Our tip: keep your silicone breasts in a box or velvet bag to prevent them from getting damaged. Keep them away from any source of heat

Care: hand wash, preferably with a mild soap and a soft brush. You can also clean your bras with Soft Cleanser and a soft cloth.

Complementary products: bra specially designed for transvestites, small blouse or tight t-shirt, transvestite dress



  • Capacity: 1 pair of false breasts
  • Weight: 1.4 kg (about 700 g per breast)
  • Size : E
  • Material: silicone
  • Colour : natural
  • Characteristic : false breasts for transvestites
  • Brand : Silicone Breast
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