Foam Super Boobs - Realistics breast forms
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  •     Light foam false breast
  •     Very realistic and pleasant to wear fake breasts
  •     Has a slight hollow to accommodate your natural breast
  •     Soft, easy-to-clean prosthesis
  •     Lighter material than silicone fake breasts


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

These foam false breasts are perfect for men with allergies to silicone. In addition, their lightness (in terms of texture and price) allows them to be worn without being embarrassed. They are discreet and do not differ from real breasts in the eye, or under clothing. To the touch, they are soft and silky. This false breast simply slips into the pockets of a suitable bra and stays in place all day. It\'s a real pleasure to transform into a woman when you have the right accessories, and these foam Super Boobs are an integral part of it.


Learn more about super foam Boobs

    Directions for use: use a bra that is the right size so as not to be bothered by inconvenient movements during the day.

    Our tip: the super foam Boobs are lighter than the silicone ones, which means that they do not point down at the end of the day ...

    Care: hand wash after each use

    Complementary products: transvestite bra, tight top



  •     Capacity: 1 pair of false foam breasts
  •     Composition: flexible polyurethane foam
  •     Size: D
  •     Color: natural
  •     Feature: foam false breast
  •     Brand: Orion
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