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Triangle breast form 400g Cottelli

You dreamed about it, now you have it! At last, false breasts with a soft and pleasant touch, hypoallergenic thanks to its silicone material, but above all that give a natural breast appearance! You will finally have a bra filled as you wished, to dare ultra feminine cleavages that you missed so much.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • 100 % silicone.
  • Cleavage effect.
  • Triangle shape for natural effect.
  • Follow the body\'s movement.
  • Soft touch.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Here is THE pair of silicone fake breasts to place in your triangle bra for more realism and volume.


Learn more about the Cottelli triangle chest

There are on average four shapes of fake breasts: round, triangle, asymmetrical and oval with different variants (wide, narrow, etc.). It is important to choose them according to the desired effect and the well-being you feel whilst wearing them. A triangle shape is well suited to harmonious curves and therefore certainly to breasts that are a little small.


Description (and composition)

- Material: 100% silicone, 2 x 400 g

- Feature: Men\'s false chest

- Brand: Cotelli creation

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