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600g Cottelli Triangle breast form

Among the accessories for a successful cross-dressing, the Rigazo shop does not forget the essentials such as false breasts. And the more natural they look, the better the result.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Fake breast with ultra-realistic nipples.
  • Ideal for a successful cross-dressing.
  • Fits easily into a bra.
  • Triangular shape for a natural look.
  • Take the body temperature quickly.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing While some fake breasts remain fixed and give the obvious appearance of not being natural, a horror for any good self-respecting transvestite or transgender, this is not the case with the Cottelli 600g triangle fake breast. Thanks to its shape and texture, it gives you a 100% successful feminine look without any false note. Very generous, it offers you a cleavage like you dreamed of and perfectly fits flat and emerging breasts.


Learn more about the Cottelli 600g triangle breast form

Made of silicone with a very soft texture, the 600g Cottelli triangle breast form quickly takes on body temperature. An undeniable plus for comfort. It avoids small discomforts and slipping in the bra. Flexible, these false breasts follow the body\'s movements for a natural look and a breast that becomes your weapon of mass seduction.


Description (and composition)

- Container: 1 pair of false breasts 2 x 600g

- Brand: Cottelli Collection

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