Camila red fringed wig - Redhead

Camila red fringed wig

To feminize you during your transvesting, having a wig that matches your personality and the shape of your face is essential. The Camila red fringed wig and its short cut will allow you to have flamboyant hair while leaving your bust clear. A real fatal woman’s haircut.

Description 5 points:


  • red color
  • hair with blow-drying
  • tapered fringe
  • short cut
  • synthetic hair


Valentine, our cross-dressing expert:

This pretty dark red wig will give you some pep. Its short cut allows to strip the shoulders and the bust so you can highlight. In addition, its haircut in blow-dry gives a permanent "hair styling" effect. This wig will highlight you and frame your face to harmonize and feminize.

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