Silicone Bronze fake nipples - Silicone nipples

Silicone Bronze fake nipples

If you were looking for caramel (or bronze) coloured false nipples, you've just found them. Simple, easy to use, and easy to clean, they will allow you to have nice nipples under your favourite clothes. From now on, dare to wear lingerie for transvestites!

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  • Suitable for fake chest
  • Can be a permanent or temporary solution
  • Natural look on a tanned skin
  • Holds easily on the skin
  • Breast supplement for men


Valentine's opinion, our experience in cross-dressing

False nipples are an interesting solution for several reasons: in case of breast reconstruction after an operation, in case of absence of natural nipples, or to replace those of a breast prosthesis. They are placed directly on the skin with a dot of glue, and are removed with a little water.


Learn more about the silicone bronze fake nipples

  • Tip: use one drop of glue on each false nipple. The glue works quickly and allows you to have a beautiful breast
  • Our tip: for long-lasting use, keep your false nipples in a cotton cloth
  • Maintenance: hand wash with a little soapy water
  • Complementary products : breast prosthesis, false breasts, glue for false breasts



  • Capacity: 1 pair of nipples
  • Composition : silicone
  • Color: caramel
  • Feature: accessory for transvestite
  • Brand : Amoena
  • Size :


nipple width : 5 cm

nipple width : 1,5 cm


nipple width : 4 cm

nipple width : 1 cm

Small :

nipple width : 3.5 cm

nipple width : 1 cm

Traceability :

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