Vinyl bed - Sissy crossdresser

Vinyl bed

This vinyl bed will be perfect for your decadent erotic evenings... You can get it dirty without worries and use it as you wish. This one is a great playground for sadomasochists, you can teach your partner how to be a good submissive transvestite the way you want.
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Convinced in 5 points !

  • 100% PVC.
  • Black colour.
  • Perfect for slippery naughty games.
  • Ideal for massages with oils.
  • Transforms the dimension of your erotic games.

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing:

If you use a vinyl bed, you can enjoy dirty erotic play with confidence. Turn your bed into one big fetish playground with these vinyl sheets. Hold on to a slippery massage game with oil, water and even foam... no problem, it's in your bed. A good excuse to enjoy what you have.

Our advice on the vinyl bed

Although it will withstand all your erotic play, the vinyl bed is not machine washable. Just wash it with a damp cloth and warm soapy water to get it all off. This way, it will not retain any odours or traces, and you can keep it for a long time. Its waterproof side will ensure that your bedding will not be damaged by your BDSM games.

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