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Camel Slimming Belt

What could be more annoying than a little bulge that overflows from your dress or your little top, or that famous fold on your belly that starts to bounce when you sit down?! You can erase these little imperfections with a simple gesture by adopting the Camel slimming sheathing belt.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Invisible under clothes, even white.
  • No sewing sensations.
  • Allows you to wear short dresses.
  • Maintains tummy, waist and back without compressing.
  • Accentuates voluptuous curves.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Slimming the silhouette without compressing the waist, so you can move freely without feeling limited or embarrassed. Discreet, it slips easily under even the lightest of clothes to keep your waist and tummy in place. It's also great for your back if you have minor back pain, especially if you're wearing heels!


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Place the sleeve at hip height for an invisible effect. Avoid mounting it too high, as this may be visible. Thanks to its elastic and stretchy material, it provides great comfort. The seams are made of soft thread and leave no marks. Its Camel colour remains the most discreet under the lighter colours. It can be machine washed at a very low temperature. Do not dry it in a tumble dryer, it damages the fibres.

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