Black panties tucking/ flat stomach - Slimming

Black panties tucking/ flat stomach

The Rigazo boutique, specialized in transvesting transgender people, offers the best in sexy and naughty lingerie. Discover the tucking panties flat stomach, which hides many assets.



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  • Luxurious and lightweight mesh fabric.
  • Luxurious transparent and breathable fabrics.
  • Black lace.
  • Inner silicone band holding the briefs.
  • Hide your attributes.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

Intense and deep black, this ultra feminine lingerie piece brings you sex appeal and seduction. Keeping your buttocks firmly, as well as your intimate parts, it emphasizes your flat belly by going up under the chest. Transparent behind, it lets guess your buttocks in an erotic way while hiding your intimate parts in front, to let guess a vagina as smooth as a young virgin. A naughty underwear essential to your wardrobe.

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Dressing up doesn’t just mean hiding your attributes, it also means knowing how to make your partner want it, excite him as with tucking panties flat stomach. Besides these two undeniable advantages, its firmness lies in a luxurious mesh fabric, pleasant to wear and touch. The luxurious transparent and breathable fabrics combined with lace give a feminine and sexy look to the shape. Very tight, tucking panties flat stomach allows you to hide your attributes. The special silicone band inside the top prevents the briefs from rolling while moving.


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- Container: 1 box

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  • Thierry
    Published Jan 30, 2020 at 02:41 pm

    i'm happy with my purchase and so is my partner it's very sexy and pleasant to wear and it's well adapted to my morphology i recommend it (Translated review)

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