Alabastra breast lift - Straightening breasts
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Convinced… in 5 points!

  • White color.
  • Chest raised.
  • Open sexy shorty.
  • Lace and dots effect.
  • Central node.


The opinion of Valentine, our cross-dressing expert

We are a fan of this magnificent set of white lingerie which offers an open chest thanks to half-cups fitted with an adjustable frame and straps, as well as adjustable ties at the back to firmly hold the breasts. A great classic that we never tire of! The open shape is ideal with large round, square or V-shaped necklines if you do not want lingerie to be seen. Matched with a tight-fitting outfit, the Alabastra breast lift will make you feel like you're wearing nothing. Be careful however with the slightly transparent and very fluid materials if you don't want to let its anatomy guess ... Particularly erotic, the Alabastra breast lift is recommended for men who wish to highlight an emerging breast. You should know that even today, it is not easy to assume in all circumstances the gaze of others when you are not wearing a bra.


Learn more about the Alabastra breast lift

Although the shape of the breast straightener may at first glance be rather disconcerting, it turns out to be a good variant of the usual sexy lingerie. So, even if you dare to wear this type of lingerie, the breast straightener can finally find its place in our lingerie wardrobe.


Description (and composition)

- Composition: 90% Polyamide - 10% elastane.

Traceability :

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