Va Va Voom Bra black - Straightening breasts

Va Va Voom Bra black

The black Va Va Voom Bra is a self-adhesive bra with a push-up effect. It will remain discreet under your most glamorous outfits while ensuring your comfort. Whether you want to wear halter tops, plunging necklines or bare shoulders, the black Va Va Voom Bra is for you.



5 reasons to choose Va Va Voom Bra black

- Sexy black color.

- Self-adhesive and repositionable.

- Soft touch.

- Wow push-up effect.

- Easy to care for.

Our Cross-dressing expert Valentine's opinion:

We love the many possibilities for using this black Va Va Voom Bra. Obviously, it excels as a halter bra, where it supports your breasts while remaining invisible, and with its push-up side, your décolleté is given back all its glamour and femininity! The black Va Va Voom Bra works miracles. And don't worry about the support: it's delicate but very effective! With a bare-shoulder outfit, it's invisible, but it's even more effective with a discreet push-up for a natural look.

Our advice on Va Va Voom Bra black

To use, clean your breasts thoroughly with soap and water to remove any residue of cream, lotion or other foreign matter before placing the adhesive bra on dry skin. Undo the central lacing to position the two shells on the outside of your breasts in the right place. Then press your breasts firmly for a few seconds so that the bra adheres to your skin. Adjust the central lacing according to the desired push-up effect and the size of your breasts.

Did you know?

Around the nipples, the bra is held in place without silicone, for optimum wearing comfort and to help you stick the bra the right way for the best 'wow' effect. The self-adhesive bra works in cup size only, so simply take your usual cup size regardless of the circumference :) That said, if you're hesitating between 2 cup sizes, take the larger one.

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