Black straightener for transvestite - Straightening breasts

Black straightener for transvestite

Have you often wondered how to enhance your new chest? The black bra strap will be perfect for you since it will support your chest and make it point upwards. Of course the lace fabric stops below the nipples to leave a large part of your chest to the air. The underwire will allow you to have an ideal support for the day or the evening.


Convinced in 5 points!


  • Sexy black lace;
  • Lifts the chest;
  • Makes the breasts point upwards ;
  • Adjustable straps;
  • Available in several sizes.


Valentine's opinion our communication expert:

In order to lift my breasts when I wear low-cut tops, I like to wear breast raisers to provide some sort of volume. Its lace fabric makes it both classy and sexy. If you don't want to show your nipples through your top, you can choose to hide them with adhesive nipple covers!


90% Nylon 10% Spandex.


Brand : Dreamgirl.




Size guide:


38: 72 cm bust measurement.

40 : 78 cm of bust measurement.

42 : 84 cm of bust measurement.

44 : 90 cm of bust measurement.

46 : 96 cm of bust measurement.

48 : 102 cm of bust measurement.

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