Quartz Suit - suits
Quartz Suit - suits
Quartz Suit - suits
Quartz Suit - suits

Quartz Suit

We like this little trompe-l'oeil set. With its lace effect neckline to give an elegant effect to your chest, its garter belts integrated in the combination to be sure that nothing comes off or let appear the clip in relief under your skirt and its black fishnet…



Convinced… in 5 points!


  • Black fishnet.
  • Suspender effect.
  • Elegant design.
  • Chic and sexy.
  • S/M/L size


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

And you won’t be disappointed! With its high erotic potential, it is as if you let love and desire slip on your skin, like a caress that touches you to make you shudder with pleasure… Designed with reinforced mesh, your suit is flexible and resistant to movement. Stretch, it adapts to your body in all delicacy. Be careful, it remains fragile, it is not recommended to wear jewelry to avoid any snags.

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The fishnet can be quite strong during its handling, however, you should be careful when washing in a machine. Put your suit in a net before putting it with the rest. Opt for a delicate washing with a temperature not too hot, to preserve the fibres of the fabric. Also prefer drying in the open air rather than the dryer, which will further damage the fiber.


Description (and composition)

- Size: S/M/L

- Brand: Obsessive

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  • Prettylamb85
    Published Oct 04, 2016 at 11:44 am

    I've never felt so sexy (Translated review)

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