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Extra Large Breast Pump

If you have a B or C cup and want to enlarge your breasts, the extra large breast pump is for you. It is a good alternative to pills and gels and will plump up your breasts day after day.


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  • Specially designed for B - C cups
  • New generation breast pump with a new pumping system.
  • Bell diameter: 13 cm
  • Bell depth: 16 cm.
  • To promote the extension of breast tissue.

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At first glance offering a cheaper and easier alternative to surgery, breast enlargement pumps have increased in popularity in recent years. And the effect they give is quite obvious. The big advantage of this pump is that it has two cups, to stimulate the breast evenly. Breast pumps have been around for a long time. They were mainly used by breastfeeding women but some people used them to enlarge their breasts. So it's a technique that has been around since the dawn of time!

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Wear it for at least 30 minutes a day, but real results start at least 2 hours every day for a lasting effect. You can wear them overnight (something most people prefer) but it can be uncomfortable.


Description (and composition)

Capacity: 1 box

Brand : Noogleberry

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