Butt booster (125 ml) - Butt enhancement cream

Butt booster (125 ml)

Say goodbye to flat buttocks with Butt Booster. This innovative cream is designed to tone and volumize, providing a seductive curve tailored to the demands of cross-dressing.



The Butt Shaping Revolution

Butt Booster is more than just a cream, it's a revolution for those looking to achieve bouncier buttocks and a noticeable improvement in buttock curvature. Specially designed to meet the needs of those pursuing an aesthetic transformation, this body treatment for men is a must-have in the cross-dressing beauty routine.

Five reasons to choose Butt Booster for shapely buttocks

  • Volumizing effect: Add volume to your figure with our volumizing cream.
  • Visible firming: Get tangible firming results for increased firmness.
  • Ease of use: Incorporate our cream into your daily application effortlessly.
  • Comfort and confidence: The buttock shaping cream offers comfort while boosting your confidence.
  • Advanced formula: Enjoy the shaping effect thanks to an expert formulation.

Butt Booster benefits 

Butt Booster isn't just a buttock-firming cream; it's a promise of skin toning and firming that redefines contours for a more youthful, dynamic look. This product is for those involved in cross-dressing and looking for "buttock volume creams for cross-dressers", eager to achieve a more authentic feminine silhouette.

Directions for use

Regularity: Apply the cream twice a day for optimum results. Massage: Use massage techniques to stimulate absorption and effectiveness.

Deep benefits of Butt Booster 

  • Sculpted shape: See your buttocks transformed into a fuller, rounder shape.
  • Improved skin texture: A feeling of renewed softness and elasticity.

Our cross-dressing expert Valentine's opinion

Valentine, a cross-dressing expert, praises the merits of Butt Booster, emphasizing its unique contribution to femininity and body aesthetics.


- Ingredients : aqua, propylene glycol,polyacrylamide, sorbitan oleate plysorbate 80,polydecene,laureth-7, zingiber officionale extract ( gingembre) humulus lupulus extract (houblon) panax ginseng extract, hydolyzed elastin, hamamelis virginiana extract, dimethicone, eugenia caryophillus oil,citrus medica limonum oil, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben,ethylparaben,propylparaben,butylparaben, isobutylparaben,chlorphenesin, CI 19140, imidazolidinyl ure citral, limonene,eugenol

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  • Chrisdu15
    Published Mar 30, 2017 at 09:31 am

    gentle care for the buttocks, improves the appearance of the skin! (Translated review)

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