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Buttock pump

Rigazo's buttock pump increases the volume of your buttocks for more feminine curves. It stimulates the tissues by sucking them up and gives visible results. Easy to use, the buttock pump is of high quality, perfect for transvestite men who wish to feminise their figure.
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  • Stimulates the tissues to give them volume,
  • Two bells.
  • Transparent bells to follow the evolution.
  • Easy to use.
  • For a rounded and feminine buttocks


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert


Goodbye flat buttocks with the buttock pump! We dream of having an ultra sexy butt in a thong and showing off our jeans, our curves are voluptuous and harmonious for a hyper glamorous arch. To achieve this, simply attach a length of tube to one side and pump, then repeat for the other side. This creates a vacuum and causes the blood to flow to the buttocks, and you can see its evolution before your eyes. After several weeks, you will see a clear and long-lasting result for shapely buttocks.


Learn more about the buttock pump

Like any tissue in the body, when exercised and blood circulation is encouraged, it will enlarge. This buttock pump system uses this principle on the buttocks. Do it for 15-30 minutes a day, and you will have a firmer, fuller buttock, as many people who use enlargement pumps find. Noogleberry pumps are strong and of high quality. The tube is high quality silicone and built to last. The cups are extremely strong and resistant to cracking and yet they are smooth, rounded and kind to the skin.


Description (and composition)

  • Brand: Noogleberry
  • Small size: size 34 to 38
  • Large: size 40 to 46

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