Bottom Boost black for transvestites - Butt pads

Bottom Boost black for transvestites

These sheathing and sculpting briefs are specially rounded to give your buttocks volume and sculpt your tummy and back at the same time. The pads on these briefs are removable, and thanks to the silicones at the top, the briefs stay perfectly in place. The smooth, luxurious material is invisible under your clothes for a slim, feminine look.


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  • Bountiful, shapely buttocks
  • Flat stomach 
  • Feminine waist 
  • Comfortable cross-dressing underwear 
  • Invisible, maintained penis 


Our cross-dressing expert Valentine's opinion:

Men who cross-dress will be very pleased with these panties for men, which hold their penis and testicles in place. If you wish, you can turn your penis inside out between your thighs, as it will be held in place by the panty's elasticity.

Once you've slipped on these panties for transvestites, you'll be able to wear all the little dresses you like without fear: your buttocks will look like a woman's, the bump on your penis will have disappeared, and you'll have a feminine flat stomach.

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