False buttocks adhesive pads - Butt pads

False buttocks adhesive pads

The adhesive pads are perfect for creating a bulging buttock while wearing your own lingerie. Indeed, being adhesive and very discreet, the pads slip into your underwear and give you volume quickly. So you will have sensual and feminine curves in the blink of an eye.



Convinced... in 5 points!


- Invisible under clothes


- For a well rounded buttocks


- Adhesive buttocks.


- Leather colour.


- For sensual curves.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

For a successful cross-dressing, you need shapes, curves, sensuality and femininity. With Rigazo's adhesive pads for transvestites and transsexuals, you will finally be able to have the feminine silhouette of your dreams. These fake buttocks are easily stuck to the skin thanks to a special glue for prostheses. A little pressure and you release, it holds! They are very discreet and can be worn under all types of fabric, from white to your tights. The padding is ventilated thanks to small holes, which allow perspiration to be released.

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Fake breasts, fake hips and fake buttocks are a must for drag queens and transvestites. For a 100% successful transformation and a total illusion, you will need these Adhesive Fake Butt Pads. The adhesive side also allows you to wear them with a thong or panties rather than a girdle or boxers. Your buttocks will be more voluminous, more sensual, more sexy.


M: Diameter 14cm

Traceability :

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