Set of 3 Master Series probes - Cages de chasteté pour travestis

Set of 3 Master Series probes

This set of anal probes has three different sizes of probes: S, M and L. Each has a different diameter to fit the body perfectly: S, M and L. Each one has a different diameter to perfectly fit the body of each person. You can use these probes alone or for more sadomasochistic purposes by using them in pairs. Choose the role you want to play, the dominant one or the little submissive one...
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Convinced in 5 points !

  • Made of premium silicone.
  • Several sizes.
  • 2 different diameters for each probe.
  • Adapts to the body.
  • 3 probes in the set to choose from.

Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

Care must be taken to penetrate the urethra. It is advisable to be very careful in preparing and performing the insertion to avoid irreversible tears. Beginners should start this experience with the right sex toys with the right diameter. The quality of the insertion is affected as well as the joy that results from it. We recommend a coach for a successful first experience. An experienced partner gives you the best chance for a fun and joyful referral. Triggers play a very important role for beginners. It is advisable to be comfortable in order to fully enjoy this new sensation. The use of lubricants is essential to avoid cracks and scratches on the inner walls. The introduction should be gradual to achieve the ultimate sensation.

Our advice on the 3 Master Series probes

After use, the probes are washed in a mixture of boiling water and detergent. The detergent removes the lubricant film and removes any viral strains. The probes are immersed in a bleach solution (1:10) for ½ hour. The purpose of this phase is mainly to destroy the HIV virus if present. Be sure to use a glass or plastic container, a metal container will cause an electrolysis reaction with the presence of the probes in the bleach resulting in discoloration and/or corrosion. The probes are rinsed and placed in a clean cloth. The cloth and probes are placed in a pressure cooker, the domestic equivalent of an autoclave, for 15 minutes. After this time, the whole thing is placed in a plastic container until the next use.



Description (et composition)

- Dimensions : S: 5,05 mm + 5,95 mm / M: 6,93 mm + 8,2 mm / L: 8,92 mm + 9,9 mm

- Marque : Master Series

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