Emma chatain long wig - Chestnut

Emma chatain long wig

This long Emma chatain wig is a perfect blend of delicate browns. Its straight cut and straight hair are ideal for a sophisticated hairstyle. Its lightweight weaving and seamless construction that lets the scalp breathe, make it a very comfortable and durable fashion accessory.


Convinced… in 5 points!


- Delicate brown.

- Strainht cut with straight hair.

- Long fringe.

- Adjustable size.

- Light and lets breathe.


The opinion of Valentine, our expert in transvesting

Contrary to what one might think, men prefer brunettes! And just to reinforce that, the majority of people who won Nobel prizes had brown hair. Seriously, these people are also known for having a great deal of confidence in themselves and listening to others. And it is all this sweetness that expresses the long wig Emma chestnut.


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We like its straight cut and fringe, ideal to give a younger look to your face. The Emma Chestnut Long Wig offers a real natural aspect to your style. Composed of synthetic fiber, it has very realistic hair resembling much human hair. Of excellent quality, they are pleasant to the touch. Easy to comb, its owner is recommended to use only a brush instead of a comb to maintain its quality.


Description (and composition)

Synthetic hair

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