Suspender belt with erotic lacing - Garter belt

Suspender belt with erotic lacing

The garter belt with erotic lacing has a black wetlook effect with chrome fastenings. Ideal for men in drag, it dresses the lower hips to feminise the figure and highlight the buttocks. This garter belt will be perfect for your naughty games and will make your intimate moments even more sexy.
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- Wetlook effect.

- Chrome fasteners.

- Back lace.

- Black colour.

- Front seams.


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert

The garter belt with erotic lacing is a real asset for seduction. With it, your naughty games will take another dimension. Worn on the bottom of the hips, it dresses them in a sexy way. It highlights the buttocks, thanks to its back lacing which ends in the centre of your buttocks. The adjustable garters are set with chrome fasteners, adding a silver touch to the ensemble.

Learn more about the Erotic Lace Suspender Belt

The Erotic Lace Suspender Belt can easily be worn under dresses or skirts, or even shorts if you want to play the provocative card. It can be accessorised with all colours of stockings, already dressing up your silhouette in its own right.


Description (and composition)


- Brand: Noir Handmade

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