Bioglide Lubricating Gel 150 ml - Lube

Bioglide Lubricating Gel 150 ml

This lubricating gel is made of 100% natural products and is approved as a health product. It is a long-lasting lubricant that allows for long and trouble-free sexual relations. It is compatible with other sex toys, condoms, menstrual cups, etc.



Strong points

- 100% natural compound and approved as a sanitary product

- Long-lasting lubricant for prolonged intercourse

- Contains no hormones and preserves the natural balance

- High skin tolerance thanks to a water-based composition

- Lubricant compatible with: condoms, menstrual cups, sex toys, etc.


We tested for you the Bioglide lubricating gel 150 ml

Very soft and odourless, Bioglide lubricating gel in a tube is a very easy to use lubricant. A small dab of gel and it works... Perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin, it can be used with a condom or naturally. As it is water-based, it does not leave any greasy traces and does not stain fabrics.

Our advice on Bioglide lubricating gel 150 ml

The lubricating gel can be used before and during sexual intercourse. A small amount is enough to lubricate the intimate parts (penis, vagina, anus). It is safe for women with menstrual cups and even makes it easier for them to put the cup on. This lubricating gel is also very useful for women suffering from vaginal dryness.


- Capacity : 150 ml

- Composition: Water, glycerol, Chondrus crispus (also called Irish moss or white wrack), xanthan gum

- Taste: tasteless, odourless

- Compatible with: condoms/menstrual cups/sex toys

- Characteristic: hypoallergenic

- Brand : Joy Division

- Safety: CEv standards

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