Bioglide Cherry Lubricating Gel 80 ml - Lube

Bioglide Cherry Lubricating Gel 80 ml

Bioglide Cherry Lubricating Gel 80 ml is a dermatologically tested natural lubricant that does not stick or stain. Its sweet cherry flavour is edible and perfect for sensual play and oral sex. This lubricating gel is compatible with a condom and provides a very soft sensation for real pleasure.

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- Lubricating gel that does not stick or stain

- Very sweet and edible cherry taste

- Can be used during oral sex

- Dermatologically tested natural lubricant

- Can be used with a condom


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

Bioglide lubricating gel in a tube is cherry scented. The taste is light and above all it allows you to perfume your relations in a very sensual way. Its taste and smell of cherry will delight women who are reluctant to perform oral sex. Indeed, one can concentrate on other things. Its lubricating power is very high, so there is no need to use a lot. A few drops are enough for a prolonged relationship. It is as economical as it is effective.

Our advice on Bioglide Cherry Lubricating Gel 80 ml

Use very little gel to lubricate the intimate parts (anus, vagina and penis) and then massage the lubricated areas to spread the lubricant, even slightly inside. Bioglide lubricating gel is hypoallergenic. It has been clinically tested and its dermatological virtues are recognised: people with sensitive skin can use this lubricant perfectly. As it is composed of water and not silicone or petroleum jelly, it can be used during prolonged sexual relations, but also to relieve women experiencing vaginal dryness.

This lubricating gel is also recommended for use with condoms.


- Capacity: 80 ml

- Composition: water, glycerol, xanthan gum, carrhagenan (polysaccharide extracted from red algae), flavours

- Taste: cherry

- Compatible with: condoms/menstrual cups

- Characteristic: hypoallergenic

- Brand : Joy Division

- Safety : CE standards

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