Lubrix Gel 200 ml - Lube

Lubrix Gel 200 ml

Lubrix Gel is a water-based intimate lubricant with high lubricating power. It is non-greasy, non-oily and contains no alcohol. It allows easy penetration and can also be used with condoms. Lubrix Gel is ideal for all your intimate activities. It helps to intensify the sensations and prolong the pleasure.



Convinced... in 5 points!


- Has a high lubricating power

- Allows for easier penetration

- Does not contain any fat or oil

- Can be used with condoms

- Dermatologically tested


Valentine's opinion, our cross-dressing expert:

Lubrix lubricating gel in a 200 ml tube is economical and practical. Its capacity allows a long term use. The lubricant provides great sexual comfort during penetration. It has no smell, no colour and no taste. Moreover, it has been dermatologically tested, guaranteeing limited risks of irritation.

Our advice on Lubrix lubricating gel 200 ml

Lubrix lubricant is used by porn stars for its efficiency and high lubricating power. A classic among pros, it is available in different formats (100 ml and 50 ml).



- Capacity : 200 ml

- Composition: Water, glycerol, hydroxyethyl cellulose, monopropylene glycol, carbomer, phenoxyethanol

- Perfume/taste: neutral

- Compatible with: condoms/menstrual cups/latex sex toys

- Characteristic: extra lubricating

- Brand : Lubrix

- Safety: CE standards

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