Tucking / flat tummy panties - Tucking

Tucking / flat tummy panties

What if Rigazo, your trans shop, offered you the winning combo for your fine men\'s lingerie? Would you say yes? Then you\'d be delighted, because with the tucking / flat tummy panties, you\'ll be able to camouflage your faults and allow for perfect tucking at the same time.



Convinced… in 5 points !

  • Chair colour.
  • Ventral sheathing effect.
  • For super flat tucking.
  • High waist.
  • Refines the size.


Valentine’s opinion, our expert in cross-dressing

With its high waist and sheathing effect, you refine your waist and at the same time hide your little bump on your tummy. Your waist is more pronounced, your hips stand out and your silhouette is immediately more feminine.


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But these are not the only advantages of the tucking / flat tummy panties. In addition to its flesh colour, which allows total discretion whatever the colour of the garment you are wearing, it also makes for impeccable tucking. You finally have a crotch as flat as Holland! You will also love the final touch with the little laces at the edge of the thighs for total femininity.

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